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Richter Belmont

Richter Belmont

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Richter Belmont
Japanese name Richter Belmondo
Appearance(s) 1792:Castlevania: Rondo of Blood

Retelling:Castlevania: Dracula X

1797:Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

1798:Castlevania: Nocturne of Reminiscence

1944:Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin

Role(s) Vampire Hunter, Villain
Weapon of Choice Vampire Killer, sub-weapons
Voice Actor(s)
Music Theme(s) Opposing Bloodlines

a.k.a Divine Bloodlines

Gender Male

Richter Belmont is a renowned vampire exterminator from the 18th century, and descendant of Simon Belmont. He is considered the supreme vampire hunter of his generation. Richter has starred in four games (one of which is a retelling), and has made several other cameos.



Richter has a strong sense of justice and does everything to keep prosperity secured. He considers his position a great honor and devotes his life to vampire hunting. Despite Richter's great ambitions, there is a softer side of him. He is deeply concerned about those close to him, especially Annette and his adopted sister Maria Renard, and puts much effort in keeping them out of harm's way. After Dracula's defeat, Richter harbored feelings of worthlessness and dissatisfaction because he felt his purpose in life had been taken away from him. His ever burning desire to continue fighting allowed Shaft to possess him. After he was freed from Shaft's control, he was greatly ashamed and began living far away from common folk, and didn't allow himself to return home. Richter's resolve was to regain his faith in himself by once again pursuing his duties as a vampire hunter, as it was the only solution to him.


Events of Rondo of Blood

A hundred years had passed since Simon Belmont sealed away Dracula and restored peace and prosperity to the Transylvanian countryside. In the late 18th century, a cult lead by the dark priest Shaft was determined to resurrect their master once again. They conducted a ritual where the blood of a young maiden was spilled over Dracula's remains. When Dracula's forces were sent forth, pillaging villages and kidnapping young women, Richter Belmont was called into action.

He raced to the village on his carriage when Death suddenly emerged to mock him. He attacked Richter with a small display of his power to test his strength, but Richter held his own and Death returned to the castle.

Richter Belmont on his first adventure in Castlevania.

When Richter arrived at the village, it was overrun by Dracula's monsters. He quickly eliminated them, but arrived too late in order to save the women who were taken hostage. To his horror, one of them was his girlfriend, Annette. Richter arrived at Dracula's castle to save her. There, he had an encounter with Shaft. He was tormenting a small girl who drifted in a geyser of light. Before Richter could attack, the priest vanished into thin air. After rescuing the girl, she introduced herself as Maria Renard. She was a youth who displayed powerful magical abilities and accompanied Richter on his mission.

While on his way to kill Dracula, Richter rescued two other maidens - Tera and Iris, and eventually killed Shaft in battle. When he arrived at the clock tower, he found Annette locked away in a cell. After their reunion, Richter admonished her to return to the village. Annette begged him not to go further toward Dracula, but he was determined to complete the vendetta between Dracula and his clan. Shaft was so resolute in stopping Richter, his ghost attacked him at the top of the tower. After finally putting Shaft to rest, he continued en route to the castle keep.

After a short conversation, Dracula and Richter engaged in a climatic battle and Richter emerged victorious. After his defeat, Dracula told Richter that humans would bring him back again and again, because it was mankind's wish. He asked Richter if he truly could be called evil. After that, he told Richter that they would meet again. Together, Maria and Richter escaped the crumbling castle and Richter returned to Annette. He was strengthened from his great victory, but after a while, he harbored an insecurity, a feeling of being useless because his duty was already done.

Events of Symphony of the Night

Richter Belmont as the Lord of Castlevania.

Four years later, the Transylvanian people were living in peace and tranquility due to Richter's victory, but all was not well. Richter's behavior became more and more erratic and outlandish, of which he was unaware of. What he didn't realise was that his mind was being poisoned by a spell put on him by Shaft, coaxing him to the darkness. One night, beneath the light of a full moon, he eventually vanished without a trace.

Richter returned to Dracula's Castle and took up residence there, believing himself to be its Lord. There, he encountered Alucard, son of Dracula, who came to investigate why his father's castle had returned. Richter found him in the castle's Colosseum, and locked Alucard inside a tournament battlefield. Richter emerged from the darkness with villainous laughter, and welcomed Alucard to his castle. Alucard asked him who he was but the vampire hunter ignored his question and summoned two monsters, who he commanded to slay the intruder. Afterward, he vanished.

Richter met Alucard once again in the Castle's Keep and he was questioned why he was planning Dracula's resurrection. Richter explained that Dracula rose once every century, and after that, a Belmont's role is over. He wanted to once again experience his battle with Dracula from five years ago. Richter needed Dracula just as his followers who underwent the resurrection ritual needed him.

The two engaged in battle, but Richter was only testing Alucard's strength at first. It was not until after Alucard withstood his first onslaught that he applied more power. However, with the Holy Glasses, Alucard was able to destroy an otherwise invisible sphere that floated above Richter. It turned out that Shaft was possessing him all along. After this revelation, Richter was quickly taken out of the castle by Maria while Alucard stayed behind to deal with the dark priest.

After Alucard defeated Shaft and destroyed the recently revived Dracula along with his two castles, Richter was waiting for him outside the ruins. Richter said his goodbyes to Alucard and also to Maria, who went after Alucard because she had developed feelings for him. Richter was so ashamed of his possession by Shaft that he would abandon his role as a vampire hunter and started to live far away from common people. Regardless of this, he would soon step forward to investigate recent happenings.

Events of Nocturne of Reminiscence

One year later, Richter received word that several young maidens had died recently. They had seemingly fallen victim to a vampire, as bite marks were found on their necks. This news immediately alarmed Richter, and although it was possible that Alucard was the culprit, Richter didn't suspect him. Nonetheless, he wrote a letter to Maria, in which he informed her about the vampire plague and told her to immediately contact him if strange things began happening.

While out investigating, Richter encountered two vampire hunters, Silyl Marquis, and his friend, Alexis. The two youths were fighting against a werewolf, and the creature was eventually slain by Silyl. Richter, who had been examining the skirmish from a distance, approached them while clapping and complimented Silyl on his performance. Silyl was annoyed because he thought that he was being made fun of, but he was calmed down by his friend. They noticed that Richter wielded a whip which radiated tremendous power and they realised that he was the Richter Belmont who sealed away Dracula six years prior. Silyl demanded that Richter tell them what he knew about the recent events, and the vampire hunter replied that he would tell the duo everything he knew if they were able to defeat him in battle. Silyl was about to charge at Richter, but he was stopped by Alexis, who sensed Richter's power and told him that it was not the time to be messing around. The two eventually left, much to Silyl's protest.

The next day, Richter encountered them once again, and found Maria with them, who was being tormented due to unknown reasons. He rushed to her and tried to snap her out of her critical state, but to no use. He then picked her up and took her to the house where she and Alucard resided while leaving the two dumbfounded vampire hunters behind him.

After a while, Richter asked Alucard how Maria was doing and Alucard commented that she was still sleeping in her room. Richter informed Alucard that Maria ended up in that condition after she accidentally came in contact with an unusual substance created by Silyl. The potion was created in order to vanquish evil beings, but because of Maria's powers, she had been effected as well. Maria then came into the room and declared that she was alright, but could no longer hear the voices of Genbu, Byakko, Suzaku and Seiryuu. Meaning that she was completely stripped of her powers. Alucard's familiar, the Imp, entered and informed that vampires had appeared.

Richter (who was following Alucard) rushed outside and would eventually catch up with Silyl, who informed them that Magnus had spirited Alexis away. Magnus was an Incubus who had recently been provoking Maria, and was held responsible for the murders that had occurred around the village. Silyl yelled at Richter to wait, but he responded by saying that Silyl would only get in the way. Silyl followed, saying that he would surely come along because Alexis was a dear friend of his. Richter accepted, but told Silyl that he was the one responsible for his own life. They split up and Richter and Silyl went searching for Magnus.

In time, the duo met up with Alucard and Imp, and Silyl was introduced to them. While they talked, an injured Alexis came rushing onto the scene followed by Lyudmil, a figure from Alucard's past who despised humans because of what they did to Lisa, and had chosen to become a vampire as a result. He revealed that it was he who had been attacking the townsfolk. Silyl was outraged, because that would mean that Lyudmil was responsible for the death of his younger sister.

Richter engaged Lyudmil in battle while Alucard fought against Magnus, who had appeared. Magnus was planning on luring Alucard to his father's side again by playing on his emotions. Magnus had Alucard come in contact with a former friend who also knew his mother. Magnus was planning on resurrecting Dracula's castle and making Alucard its new Lord.

While Richter was fighting Lyudmil, the vampire summoned an enormous flock of bats and commanded them to attack his enemy. Richter tried to fight them and was almost overwhelmed. He was saved by Maria, who had once again regained her powers and she was also able to rescue Alucard, who had been hypnotized by Magnus. Due to the blast of light Maria had created, Lyudmil snapped out of his hypnosis and realised that he was being manipulated by the Incubus all along. Alexis then came rushing to the scene of battle and shouted at Richter to smash Magnus' claws, because those were the source of his powers. Richter did so, and Alucard was able to vanquish Magnus, but a gravely injured Lyudmil died in the process. Nonetheless, prosperity would be secured for the time being.

Events of Portrait of Ruin

In 1944, the Vampire Killer whip was in the possession of a young and brash hunter named Jonathan Morris. Because Jonathan was not a Belmont, he could not efficiently utilize the Vampire Killer, which he needed to complete his mission. With the help of Stella and Loretta Lecarde, Jonathan entered a ritual to enable him to use the whip to its full potential. However, he needed to defeat the memory of the last Belmont wielder of the Vampire Killer, which was Richter. Once teleported to another realm, Jonathan battled the manifestation of Richter and overcame it, allowing him to use the whip with the strength of the Belmont Clan.

Other Appearances

Battle Tryst

Battle Tryst is a rare arcade game released in 1997. Richter, along with Simon Belmont, are playable, but they are known as Rehter and Shemon.

Eternal Knights 2

Eternal Knights 2 is a strategy RPG with slot machine elements released in 2008. Richter, along with Maria, and Shanoa are playable. Players can form their own teams out of several classes, one of which is the 'Vampire Hunter', where Richter and Maria fall under. The goal of the game is to complete dungeons to earn medals, which can be exchanged for prizes.

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  • Richter's name may have his origins in the German word Richter, meaning judge.
  • Richter was the last Belmont to wield the Vampire Killer until Julius.

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