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Image: Alucard-profile.jpg
Japanese name Arukādo
Appearance(s) 1450:Castlevania: Legends (non-canon)

1476:Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse

1797:Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

1798:Castlevania: Nocturne of Reminiscence

1???:Castlevania Judgment

2035:Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

2036:Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

Role(s) Dhampir, Dracula's son
Weapon of Choice Alucard Sword and other weapons
Abilities Superhuman abilities, vampiric powers, dark magic
Voice Actor(s)
Music Theme(s) Dracula's Castle
Gender Male

Alucard (full name Adrian Fahrenheit Tepes) is a half human, half vampire and the only remaining family of Dracula who, unlike his father, is against the eradication of humanity. His name is chosen by himself, an anagram of Dracula, to show that he opposes his father's way of life. He is the protagonist of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and plays roles as a supporting character in Dracula's Curse, Legends, Aria of Sorrow and Dawn of Sorrow.


Powers and Abilities

Alucard is the immortal son of Count Dracula and, like his father, shows characteristic vampire traits, but he isn't classified as a vampire. He is a dhampir, the offspring of a vampire who has all the powers of one, but not all of their weaknesses.

He has displayed great powers in battle. These include but are not limited to the ability to spawn fire; summoning familiars who aid him in battle; the ability to transform into a wolf, mist, and a bat; and various forms of dark magic. Alucard is also skilled with several types of weapons and in hand-to-hand combat. He has a vast array of magical shields and other equipment that possess special powers and side-effects.

In some of his earlier conceptions, as mentioned in the Japanese manual to Akumajou Densetu (Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse), Alucard got his powers through his father, but not by inheriting them. Dracula was a passionate demon worshiper who sold his soul and that of his son, Alucard, to a commanding demon in exchange for his power.

This idea was never touched upon later on, and seemingly conflicts with successive developments. However, it's interesting to note that the Curse of Darkness manga makes references to Dark Lords who were resurrected by Dracula, and in turn lent the Vampire Lord their powers; it's unknown if this event also affected Alucard.


Alucard has been depicted mostly the same over the course of the series. In his first appearance, he is portrayed roughly as a Béla Lugosi vampire stereotype with slicked-back hair and a curl down his forehead. He wears a tuxedo and a cape. He only reflects this image in Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse.

Ayami Kojima, the illustrator of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, greatly altered Alucard's appearance. Kojima depicts him as an adolescent with long, silky, silvery-blond hair and slender eyes with long eyelashes. His design is based on the Bishōnen style; an important trait being Alucard's feminine looking face.

In Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, he has a more modern appearance, which is consistent with the futuristic setting. Alucard wears a black suit with a white collar and a red pocket square.

In Castlevania Legends and Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, Alucard is drawn in an anime style, but his design remains similar to the games' respective sequel or prequel.


Before Castlevania

Sometime during the 15th century, Dracula met a kind woman named Lisa, with whom he would eventually become romantically involved. Lisa loved Dracula very dearly despite his views on life and they would eventually have a son together named Adrian. Adrian, just like his father, had given in to his thirst for blood and prayed on young maidens at night.

Eventually, rumors started to spread that Lisa's medicinal practices were a form of witchcraft. This caused her to be arrested and sentenced to death by the authorities. Lisa was captured and crucified, an event Adrian witnessed, but was prevented from intervening in. As the execution would have traditionally occurred during the daylight hours, Dracula would not even become aware of it until hours later, and when he learned of this, it drove him over the edge.

Though Adrian was hurt as well, he didn't succumb to hatred, because Lisa told him not to hate humanity for what they had done to her. In deep regret about his former actions, he changed his name to Alucard, to show that he opposed his father's way of living. One night, a young man named Lyudmil offered his services to Alucard and began referring to him as Master. Alucard told Lyudmil to stop calling him by that title and that his normal name would do just fine. Alucard asked why he had come to the castle and Lyudmil told him that he tried to save his mother, Lisa, while she was about to be arrested by the authorities. However, he failed and his parents were executed as well because of supposed connection to witches, which resulted in him being banished from his village. Lyudmil expressed his hate of humanity, but Alucard told him not to despise them, remembering the words of his mother.

Alucard's father was still being tormented by Lisa's death, and soon thereafter, he plotted his revenge against mankind. After Dracula gathered power, he unleashed his plague of darkness and despair throughout the entire European continent by conquering entire countries, resulting in the loss of many lives. Even to mention Dracula's name was to cast fear into the hearts of men, who were powerless to do anything against his reign save voice their concern. Alucard did not support his father's actions and left him and Lyudmil. Alucard began searching the countryside for a comrade that could aid him in his struggle against his father, as Alucard was not strong enough to defeat Dracula by himself.

Events of Legends

Note: The entire happenings of Castlevania Legends are not part of Castlevania's canon.

One day, while traveling through a remote village, Alucard met a young girl named Sonia and formed a bond with her. Eventually, he told her that he was Dracula's half-breed son and that he had set out to defeat him. Alucard realised that Sonia had became very dear to him and he didn't want to put her in any danger. Thus, he traveled to Dracula's castle in Wallachia alone.

Unknowingly to Alucard, Sonia had followed him in his tracks and he would meet her again. The dhampir expressed his surprise at finding her there but the vampire hunter asked him the same, as he was no match for his father. Alucard ignored this and told Sonia that battling Dracula wasn't for someone like her. She courageously took a stand and said that she had no intention of going back. As Dracula was granted demonic powers, she was granted strength to fight and to determine her own fate. Alucard, not yet convinced, challenged her to a duel so that she could show this supposed strength to him.

Alucard eventually found himself defeated and was surprised that Sonia's fighting capabilities had improved so much. He then dryly commented that it was he who learned a lesson. Sonia quickly apologised for injuring him, but Alucard said that she shouldn't trouble herself about it. He then announced that he was going to seal himself away, as he didn't want to witness his father's demise. The two said their goodbyes and Sonia promised that she would never forget him.

Events of Dracula's Curse

During Dracula's war against humanity, Alucard, though wanting to stop his father, knew he did not have the power to do so. He infiltrated the underground of Wallachia. After hearing of the genuine vampire hunter Trevor Belmont, he went to his tomb and waited for this worthy warrior to find him so that he may join forces with them and defeat Dracula. Trevor and his allies, Grant DaNasty and Sypha Belnades found Alucard. He explained that he did not approve of Dracula's actions and, though he did not desire to go against his father, could not let the genocide continue.

Alucard was accepted into the group and together they pushed through the evil hordes and reached Dracula. In a hard-fought battle, they finally defeated the Vampire Lord and brought peace to Transylvania and Europe again. Alucard, feeling guilty of patricide and not wishing for his cursed bloodline to remain in the world, left and went into a deep sleep after the war.

Events of Symphony of the Night

Four years after Richter Belmont defeated Dracula in 1792, he vanished under a full moon. Shortly after, Dracula's Castle rose. Meanwhile, this great shift of power shook Alucard's soul and he woke up from his centuries of deep sleep, confused as to why he was awake again. He was drawn to Castlevania and began searching the castle for clues as to what happened. During his quest, he met Maria Renard. Maria asked who he was and Alucard introduced himself, saying that he had come to destroy the castle.
Alucard at the outskirts of Dracula's Castle
Maria noticed that Alucard wouldn't be telling her any more, so she went off and told him that they would meet again if he managed to live long enough.

Alucard met with the Master Librarian who knew Alucard from ages past. Once Alucard was done with him, he set out to explore more of the castle, meeting Maria again. Maria told him that she had been to the castle before but it was different than how she remembered it. Alucard explained that the castle is a creature of chaos and it may take many different incarnations. Maria was confused, thinking that her mind might be playing tricks on her. Sometime after that, Maria saw Alucard defeating a powerful creature and complimented him. Alucard, in return, told her to get to the point of the matter. Maria asked if he had heard of Richter Belmont. She was worried about Richter because of his vanishing. Alucard told Maria that he would tell her if he saw Richter.

In the castle's Colosseum, Alucard went into the arena and noticed a figure sitting on a throne above the battlefield. It was a young man who claimed to be the master of the castle and he summoned two beasts to destroy Alucard. After defeating the creatures, Alucard noticed that the man's blood smelled like a Belmont's. Not sure what to make of that, he continued with his journey, fighting a succubus who took the shape of his mother in the process and meeting Maria again. She wanted to know if Alucard had found Richter and he told her that he had indeed found a Belmont who claimed Lordship of the castle, but he wasn't sure if it was Richter. Maria, refusing to believe this, ran off.

Soon enough, Alucard met Maria again in the center of the castle. Maria apologized to him. She told Alucard that she knew what Richter was like, saying that he must have been under someone's control, and because of that, she gave Alucard a set of glasses that would enable him to see through evil illusions. With the glasses in hand, Alucard proceeded to the Castle's throne room and saw Richter waiting for him there. Alucard wore the glasses and destroyed the orb that was possessing Richter. Maria came into the room and shortly after, the Dark Priest Shaft revealed himself as the one who was influencing Richter and warned the trio that Dracula's resurrection was nigh. Suddenly, a second, upside-down castle in the clouds appeared. Alucard told Maria to take Richter out of the castle as he went to defeat his father and Shaft.

Alucard pushed through Dracula's legions of evil in the second castle and eventually reached the center of the castle, where Shaft awaited him. Shaft told Alucard of his plan: Luring the strongest vampire hunter to their side to defeat all others, and by doing this, it would destroy all of their opposition and they would reign supreme. After that, Alucard and Shaft fought, with Alucard coming out victorious. It was then that Alucard was transferred to a different dimension where Dracula resided, ready to be resurrected. Dracula asked his son to join him but Alucard refused and told Dracula that in the name of his mother, he would defeat him again.

Dracula was defeated at the hands of his son, and was surprised at that development. Alucard told him that he was doomed ever since he lost the ability to love. Dracula asked to hear Lisa's last words and Alucard recited them, which resulted in Dracula showing a slight bit of humanity and remorse. Dracula bid farewell and Alucard did the same, stating that he would miss his father. Alucard went outside the castle, where Richter and Maria were waiting. Richter apologized to Alucard for causing him the burden of having to battle his own father, but Alucard said he had his own reasons for confronting Dracula. Maria asked Alucard what he would do now that Shaft and Dracula were defeated, to which Alucard replied that the blood in his veins was cursed and it would be best if he disappeared from the world. He bid farewell, stating they would not meet again, but Maria followed him.

Events of Nocturne of Reminiscence

Alucard had been convinced to stay with Maria and live with her, but due to his silent nature, Maria had a feeling of being left out and was dissatisfied. One year later, Maria woke Alucard from his sleep because she wanted to let fresh air in the room. Alucard had been dreaming about his old friend, Lyudmil. Alucard was troubled by the dream, but he wouldn't open up to Maria, which frustrated her. She pleaded with Alucard to talk to her about what was bothering him. Alucard only dryly commented that if she wanted to talk to someone, she could converse with one of his familiars, the Imp. After a heated argument, in which both Alucard and Imp insulted Maria's cooking, she angrily left the house. Alucard then turned to Imp and told him that he sensed dark forces about and that he wanted him to investigate.

Alucard from Nocturne of Reminiscence.

After Maria returned from buying groceries at the local village, she told Alucard that she encountered a strange individual named Magnus while on her way home. He had provoked her by telling her that Alucard had given in to his vampiric urges and committed recent murders of young maidens from the village. Imp accidentally blurted something about them defeating Magnus 350 years ago. He then apologised after realising what he said, but it didn't bother Alucard, as it was better for Maria to know the truth anyway. He asked her if she really wanted to know what happened 350 years ago, but after remembering what Magnus told her, she declined and then bid the two goodnight.

The next morning, Alucard and Imp were about to leave when Maria suddenly came down the stairs. She asked them what they were up to. Alucard told her that he was going to find Magnus and that she should stay behind. Maria got upset and told him that she was a vampire hunter, and that he should realise that she was no mere woman. She then confronted Alucard about him wanting human blood in the past. Alucard told her that what Magnus said was true, that long ago he had given in to his thirst for blood.

When out investigating, Alucard encountered Magnus. Alucard demanded that Magnus explain why he told Maria about his past. Magnus replied by saying that he only showed her the truth. The incubus told Alucard that he wanted to open his eyes and then hypnotized the dhampir. Alucard was trapped inside a vision in which Magnus continued to exasperate him, telling him to drink the blood of a helpless Lyudmil. After a hard struggle, Alucard broke free from the hypnosis and Magnus commented that his experience must have been very nostalgic, since he used to drink blood regularly. The incubus then left, telling Alucard to look forward to remembering his dark past.

While back at the house, Richter suddenly came storming in while carrying an unconscious Maria and they quickly put her to rest in her room. After a while, Richter asked Alucard how Maria was doing and Alucard commented that she was still sleeping in her room. Richter informed Alucard that Maria ended up in that condition after she accidentally came in contact with an unusual substance created by Silyl Marquis. The potion was created to vanquish evil beings, but because of Maria's powers, she had been effected as well. Maria then came into the room and declared that she was alright, but could no longer hear the voices of Genbu, Byakko, Suzaku and Seiryuu, meaning she was completely stripped of her powers. Alucard's familiar, the Imp, entered and informed that vampires had appeared. He then quickly rushed off while telling Richter to stay behind, as he would only get in the way.

Alucard encountered Richter again, who managed to catch up with him. Richter brought the man named Silyl along with him. Silyl was also a vampire hunter who, with his friend, Alexis, had come to investigate recent vampire activity in the local area. However, Alexis had been captured by Magnus. While they talked, an injured Alexis came rushing onto the scene followed by Lyudmil, a figure from Alucard's past who despised humans because of what they did to Lisa, and had chosen to become a vampire as a result. He revealed that it was he who had been attacking the townsfolk. Silyl was outraged, because that would mean that Lyudmil was responsible for the death of his younger sister.

Alucard engaged Magnus in battle while Richter fought against Lyudmil. Magnus was planning on luring Alucard to his father's side again by playing on his emotions. Magnus had Alucard come in contact with a former friend who also knew his mother. Magnus was planning on resurrecting Dracula's castle and making Alucard its new Lord.

While fighting against the incubus, Alucard was one again hypnotized. In the vision, Alucard found himself in the village where his mother used to live and eventually found Lyudmil there, too, who was at the brink of death. Alucard asked why Lyudmil was there but he didn't know, as he was already there before the dhampir appeared. Alucard cried and told Lyudmil not to die.

Suddenly, Magnus appeared and expressed his surprise at Alucard being able to shed tears. The incubus playfully remarked that Lyudmil was about to die and could only be saved if he was turned into a vampire. Magnus continued trying to convince Alucard to drink his blood. However, Lyudmil told his friend to let him die and reminded Alucard of how Lisa wanted to protect people, and that he had thrown that away by giving in to hatred. The dhampir continued to struggle and cried out in despair.

While Magnus was still torturing Alucard, Maria arrived and Magnus attacked her. While almost being struck by Magnus' claws, Maria sent off a dazzling blast of light that brought Lyudmil out of hypnosis. The vampire came to his senses and realised he was manipulated by Magnus and turned against him. Lyudmil summoned a flock of bats to attack Magnus. During the fight, Lyudmil was mortally wounded and fell to the ground.

At the last moment, Alexis came rushing to the scene of battle and shouted at Richter to smash Magnus' claws, because those were the source of his powers. Richter did so, and Magnus was defeated by Alucard. Lyudmil then struggled to call out to his old friend, and the dhampir went to his side. He apologised for what Alucard had to go through, and Alucard, in turn, asked for forgiveness for not being able to save him despite being his Master. Lyudmil declared that he would remain by his side forever. He faded away while Alucard bade his old friend farewell.

Events of Judgment

Note: The following events are from Castlevania Judgment and its canonical merits are uncertain.

Sometime during the 19th century, Alucard started to search for measures that could completely destory his father. One night, during his travels, he sensed a strange presence. Alucard turned to find a man who seemed to not exist at all. He introduced himelf as Aeon and welcomed him to a rift in time. The dhampir asked the time traveler what his goal was but he ignored his question and explained that this was a different world where the impossible is possible. Yet, there were many trials he had to pass in order to achieve that goal. His first test was to defeat the time traveler in which he succeeded.

Alucard faced many opponents he never heard of, one of them was the vampire countess Carmilla, who the dhampir refered to as Dracula's plaything. Carmilla commented that he had a dirty mouth and said that they actually should be friends but Alucard refused. The two battled and Alucard came out victorious.

Eventually, Alucard faced Dracula's loyal servant Death, who pleaded him to return to his father's side. Alucard responded that the evil deity didn't have to ask again, as his answer would always be the same. Death asked Alucard if he intended to face his father alone, which he confirmed. The soul reaper then pointed out that he never had fought with a fully powered Dracula, but this didn't seem to affect the dhampir. Death attacked without further questioning, but Alucard was able to overpower him and continued on his journey.

After a while, Alucard finally found the person he was after, Dracula, who greeted him. Alucard declared that this was the first time that he would face the Vampire Lord at full power. He admitted that he may have been to scared to confront his own father. Dracula remarked that his son was as soft as ever and asked in disbelief if he truly hoped to challenge him. Alucard then promised himself that he would not hesitate, and that he would surpass his sire. They engaged in battle which, resulted in a satisfying victory over the Dark Lord.

Aeon gained another soul key and came a step closer to his goal and Alucard returned to his own time period and continued to search for a way to destroy Dracula once and for all. When a prophecy foretold the arrival of a great lord of darkness in 1999, Alucard began preparations.

Demon Castle Wars

The prophecy became reality and the final resurrection of Dracula took place in 1999. When the lord of darkness rose one last time, he began a vicious campaign to destroy all of mankind. He was defeated by Alucard, Julius Belmont, a Hakuba priest, and a Belnades, and his bodily remains destroyed. Furthermore, a ceremony was conducted in which his powers and castle were sealed away inside a solar eclipse, thus finally ending Dracula's regeneration cycle.

Events of Aria of Sorrow

In the year 2035, Alucard, hiding his identity as the Japanese agent, Genya Arikado, was teleported from the Shrine of the White Horse in Japan into a solar eclipse along with his ally, Yoko Belnades. Within the eclipse was Count Dracula's castle, which had been sealed away there in 1999 to finally put an end to Dracula's regeneration cycle.

Alucard under his alias, Genya Arikado.

At the castle entrance, he met Soma Cruz, who he knew to be Dracula's reincarnation, as well as Mina Hakuba, a girl he had known for years. It was Alucard's goal to help Soma resist becoming the Dark Lord, and to prevent Graham Jones, a missionary of a new religious movement, from inheriting Dracula's position. Arikado told Soma that he has the power to absorb monsters' abilities, and in order to return home and save himself and Mina, he would have to make his way to the Master's Chamber as fast as possible. While Soma searched for a way to the throne, Arikado and Yoko searched for Graham Jones.

At one point, Graham stabbed Yoko and escaped when Arikado and Soma arrived. Arikado told Soma that he should hurry and go to the throne room, where Graham was headed. Soma, confused and oblivious that he is Dracula reincarnated, demanded Arikado tell him everything if they managed to return home alive.

After Soma defeated Graham in the throne room, Soma absorbed a large amount of dark energy and realized that he is Dracula reborn. He noticed Arikado and told him to come out. Soma asked why Arikado awakened his powers. Arikado explained that Soma's soul and Dracula's magic are one and the same and no matter what, that day would come. He decided to awaken Soma somewhere Arikado's powers had more influence to slow down the rate in which the dark energy flowed into Soma. Arikado then explained that the castle is a product of magic and that there is a stream of chaos in it, in a place that only Soma (Dracula) could go. He said that he trusts Soma can do the job and as long as his powers affect the castle, the flow of the evil spirit into Soma would slow down, granting Soma more time to maintain control of himself.

After Soma defeated Chaos, he heard the voices of his allies, one being Arikado's. Arikado praised Soma for his success and told him that for good to be good, evil is a necessity. He also told Soma that someone in the future may follow Dracula's dark footsteps, and if that happens, they may meet again. Afterward, he sent thanks to Soma in his mother's name.

Events of Dawn of Sorrow

One year had passed since the ordeal inside the solar eclipse. Soma Cruz and Mina Hakuba walked the streets of their city while discussing the events that had transpired one year earlier. Suddenly, a cult leader known as Celia Fortner appeared and summoned her servants from the underworld to attack. Alucard, who had been hiding in the shadows, made his presence known and aided Soma by providing him with a weapon. Soma was able to overpower the demons and rediscovered the Power of Dominance again. However, Alucard corrected him and explained that his powers never returned to him. They had just been slumbering inside of him. The dhampir told Soma and Mina that he had been ordered to investigate Celia by his superiors from the top-secret Japanese government agency he was assigned to. He then said that the investigation was still ongoing, and warned Soma not to get involved.

Arikado during Dawn of Sorrow.

Alucard discovered the cult's whereabouts and traveled to their castle and continued gathering information. He eventually met up with Soma again in the Demon Guest House and expressed his disappointment about the youth being here, even though he had been warned not to go. Soma, in turn, questioned Alucard, as he was supposed to protect Mina, but the agent assured him that she was under surveillance by his colleagues. Alucard then explained that keeping Soma under observation gets priority, but he believed deep down that Soma wouldn't succumb to the darkness. He handed Soma a talisman, which was a gift from Mina that she wanted him to wear in order to keep the dark powers within himself at bay. Alucard then departed to track down Celia and her associate, Dario Bossi, a criminal who was wanted worldwide for arson, but more importantly had the ability to assume Dracula's position, as Graham Jones did.

After a while, Alucard sensed that Soma was giving in to his dark side, and quickly rushed to the Garden of Madness where he found him along with Celia and Mina, who had apparently died. Alucard quickly revealed the truth, that the dead Mina was an impostor, which prevented Soma from succumbing to the fate of becoming the new Dark Lord. After Celia teleported away, Alucard ordered that Soma should back off for a while, and that he would take care of it. Soma ignored his pleas and followed him to the castle's condemned tower, where there lay a barrier blocking a portal to the basement, where Celia had disappeared to. The dhampir asked Julius Belmont to use his powers so that he could break the seal. The vampire hunter did so, thus allowing Alucard and Soma to proceed.

Alucard entered into the area and at its end found Dmitrii Blinov, who had the desire to become the new Lord of Darkness. He was gathering demon souls in preparation for his battle against Soma. Dmitrii sacrificed Celia and this caused Alucard's power to become useless. The Dark Lord Candidate was about to finish him off, but was quickly saved by Soma. Dmitrii blasted Alucard away from the scene of battle, forcing Soma to fight against him alone.

Soma came out victorious, and together with Alucard rushed out of the crumbling castle, eventually reaching a safe spot. There, Soma asked Alucard if there would always be need for a Dark Lord. He confirmed this, but said there was no reason for Soma to become that person and remained at the river side, while being lost in his own thoughts.

Other Appearances

Akumajō Special: Boku Dracula-kun

Akumajo Special: Boku Dracula-kun is a comical gothic-themed platform game released for the Famicom in 1990 and ported to the Game Boy in 1993.
It's spinoff/parody of Konami's own Castlevania series and, although this is just speculation, the protagonist, Kid Dracula, is considered to be Alucard. The first stage resembles several areas from the original Castlevania while an upbeat remix of "Beginning" from Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse plays in the background. Several enemies from the series appear throughout the game and Galamoth from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is the final boss.

Captain N: The Game Master

Alucard makes one appearance in the cartoon Captain N: The Game Master, in which he is a villain and a skateboarding teenager that speaks in 80s surfer slang. In the episode "Return to Castlevania", he assists his father, The Count, in a scheme to take over the land of Castlevania. He deceived the heroes into thinking he was on their side. The plot was thwarted by Simon Belmont and Captain N.

Gokujō Parodius! Kako no Eikō o Motomete

Gokujō Parodius! Kako no Eikō o Motomete is the third title in the Parodius series, and a scrolling shooter arcade game released for the Konami GX and Super Famicon in 1994. Like the rest of the series, it is a parody of the Gradius series and other Konami games. Kid Dracula appears as a playable character, but is known as Kid D in the character select screen.

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  • Castlevania Legends hinted strongly that Sonia's child was Alucard's son but this is unconfirmed; meaning that Trevor would be his son.
  • In Akumajou Densetsu: Shinsei Vampire Hunter, Leila, one of the protagonists is mentioned to be a descendant of Alucard.
  • Many fans have speculated that Eric is actually a descendant of a line started by Alucard and Maria Renard after the events of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.
  • Castlevania: Nocturne of Reminiscence hinted that Alucard might be the main villian in the upcoming Castlevania that will be designed for the Playstation 3 and the X-Box 360 home consoles.
  • According to Castlevania Judgment, Alucard's physical age is 17.
  • If you consider the name Genya Arikado to be a Japanese alias, then you can see the possibility that Arikado was a romaji translation of Alucard. The R could easily be an l in transition, and kado could be pronounced with a silent o and a strengthened a, making it kaad, which is how the ar sound is made in Japanese; meaning that Alucard's illusion could be a possible translation.

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