W elcome to the Chapel of Resonance. This website is dedicated to Konami's vampire hunting Castlevania video game series. For over twenty years, this venerated saga has captured the hearts of people around the world, as it continues to unfold the legend of Count Dracula and the Belmont clan that is destined to face him throughout the eras.

After so long, Castlevania carries on captivating gamers, not only due to its macabre theme steeped in myth and lore, but also because of the polished game play, phenomenal musical scores, and its settings, which seamlessly range from sinister caves and torture chambers to beautiful, sweeping chapels and ballrooms.

Like many of you readers, we, too are fans of this series. To express our adoration for it, we've constructed this website. Enjoy your time at the Chapel of Resonance.

Website Updates - 26 September 2011. Posted by The Successor.

The Chapel of Resonance ends hiatus in celebration of Castlevania's 25th Anniversary!
The Anti-Chapel Castlevania Forum Reopens!

Fans of Castlevania . . . you have tempted fate and dared to return to the Chapel of Resonance.

You thought it would never happen, but it has. The official return of one of the most fascinating hubs for Castlevania in existence. It's been over a year since the Chapel went on indefinite hiatus, so I understand the disappointment of some visitors, which, I know turned to doubt, which in turn became apathy. What exactly caused us to return from the dead to terrorize the living anew?

Today marks the 25th anniversary of our beloved video game franchise, and we felt a great way to celebrate would be to return home, light the figurative candles of the Chapel of Resonance, and give Castlevania fans more of what we've been offering them for years; the most spellbinding musings, most extensive articles, largest collection of Castlevania videos, and most active and fun Castlevania social experience to be had anywhere. Truth to tell, speaking for myself, I think the series and the fanbase may need it more than ever.

I suppose now is a good time to answer the question I know many people have wondered.
Why did I shut this down to begin with? What is the real reason?

The answer is simple and what you likely suspect. My interest in the series had hit an all time low. Time after time, Konami continued to disappoint me. In the past six years, they've only done two great things where Castlevania is concerned. First, Rondo of Blood was finally brought to audiences outside Japan. Second, one of the better games in the series came about in the form of Order of Ecclesia.

Practically everything else in that large time span -- from bizarre fighting games, to slapstick, cliché anime adventures, pachinko machines, and abominable re-imaginings of the series -- has been unacceptable. As a result, I stepped away from my fan shrine, which I have devoted countless hours to, because the series didn't deserve it any longer.

If you look at my bio page in the staff member section of the site, you'll read about a really enthusiastic guy who wants to proclaim his enormous love for the Castlevania series, and who selflessly dedicates his time, effort, and money toward it, because he likes doing it, and he knows other people enjoy what he does.

I stepped away in some form of protest. I felt that if Konami wasn't going to care, then neither was I. Castlevania no longer deserved all the love I was putting into it.
Now, I am returning, and it's also in protest. I'm returning for the sake of this series. I'm not going to sit idly by and watch it stumble further into ruin.

David Cox, producer of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow basically said hardcore fans don't matter much. We're too small a percentage to make any kind of difference. To that, I say hogwash. It's people like me who probably do the most advertising for their products, and all for free! Tens of thousands of visitors still come to this website every month to read about Castlevania. When potential fans of Castlevania get their interest piqued, where do they turn for more information? Places like this, where they discover why Castlevania fans love Castlevania, and why they might end up loving it, too.

Frankly, I couldn't help but feel a bit betrayed. To put so much into this type of thing to be told that I don't matter, and what I do doesn't matter, was insulting, especially when it's not true. What is even worse is to see nearly everything I love about Castlevania get torn down and replaced with a God of War game bearing a Lord of the Rings visual and aural aesthetic, and Shadow of the Colossus boss fights. Almost as depressing is a string of uninspired, lazy titles filled to the brim with recycled elements and stupid ideas.

. . .

Yes, I walked away from all that. This has been the worst period in Castlevania's twenty five year-old life. It's hit rock bottom.

Going back to the subject of the 25th anniversary of Castlevania, things are at an all time low. One of Konami's oldest and most respected series turns twenty-five, and what does Konami do to commemorate the event? Absolutely nothing. This is a reflection of the attitude Konami has taken with this series for years. Fans are left to do whatever they can to try to celebrate the silver anniversary of this venerated series, which many of us have followed for years and years.

The Chapel of Resonance is going to do what it can, too. The first step is rejuvenating this website.
We shall also use our station and influence to stand up and actively let it be known that what's going on with this series is detestable and Konami really needs to get their act together. Castlevania is capable of so much more than what they have been putting out lately.

We would have loved to return with a big site redesign, loads of articles, soundtrack uploads, and all the great stuff we're known for, but that would have held things up more, and I feel it's best to let the fans know we're back. Never fear, though, we have plenty of things on the way. Look forward to content about Symphony of the Night, Legends, and much, much more.

As for other areas of the Chapel of Resonance, my heartfelt thanks and admiration goes out to DarkmaneTheWerewolf. During our hiatus, Darkmane held the fort, continuing her branch of the Chapel of Resonance, the Youtube Channel, with unstoppable resolve.

I am also pleased to announce that the Anti-Chapel Castlevania Forum is once again open! I know it's been missed dearly by many people. You're invited to stop in and join in the fun. Register if you haven't!
There is a lot to be said of our community, but I don't think anyone can say it better than Alis Landale, the forum's legendary moderator and leader. With that, I will direct you to her announcement about the forum's return.

There is so much more on the way from the Chapel and it will be here soon. Look forward to this new movement and let it sweep you away. The Chapel of Resonance is back.

Happy 25th Anniversary, Castlevania!

The Successor

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